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Rental Expenses You Can Write Off

Posted on Jan 25, 2022

by Vince Klassen 

There are a lot of expenses that owners forget to claim when it comes to tax time on their Canadian rental properties.  Wether you are an owner-landlord or investor remember your best write-off is ME!

Yes there are also a number of other rental property expenses you should be considering when talking to your accountant. As always I d...

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Is is Worth Hiring a Property Manager?

Posted on Jan 02, 2022

By Vince Klassen

It is a nice Sunday as I sit and write out my ideas for 2022.  This is not for goals or dreams but just that IDEAS!  Sure they may turn into goals or even more but every year they start as goals. And yes writing more articles is one of them. 

Anywho. A common question I get now, and even when I was just a narrow sighted realtor is "shou...

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