Rental Expenses You Can Write Off

by Vince Klassen 

There are a lot of expenses that owners forget to claim when it comes to tax time on their Canadian rental properties.  Wether you are an owner-landlord or investor remember your best write-off is ME!

Yes there are also a number of other rental property expenses you should be considering when talking to your accountant. As always I don't want to waste time so here is the LINK to what expenses to consider. 

The value in a property manager comes in many forms.  One of the worst calls I get more than I want is the dreaded "Hi I have a tenant who has never been a problem but now I have to go to a dispute resolution hearing, can you help me?" I wish the answer was simple. Most of the time the problem was created years ago when they did not follow the rules, Act or law under the innocent guise of these tenants are really nice and it will be fine.  People and circumstances change and the tenant may be great but when things start to slide they can slide fast. 

Thanks for reading and as always have a great day!